Welcome to our house in the South of France

Welcome to our home in the South of France!
Secluded, and surrounded by mediaeval villages such as the famous Saint Paul de Vence, our property sits atop of a hill overlooking Cannes, Antibes and Monaco. 

The interior design is done by my husband and me and it’s a mix of his eclectic style and my love for classics and monumentality. For us, it was important to preserve the soul of the house, by keeping as much of the historical elements as possible. This ensured the house is authentic as well as exciting, as every single room is a synergy between the traditional, and unexpected, pop and contemporary pieces. One of our romantic pleasures is to go to antiquity stores in Paris and Vienna and find old furniture to incorporate into our homes. 

As you go through the photos you’ll be shocked to see a gorilla skeleton (replica, of course) painted with 18k gold leaf. Our gorilla is named by my baby’s first word: Aghoo! My husband loves it inside our house, but I don’t think the gorilla is a domestic animal, and I want to move it to the garden…

Take a look at some of our go-to brands when we’re furniture shopping…

Sofa: Bretz
Sofa: Bretz
Coffee Table: Milia Shop
Bed: handcrafted in Berlin by Di-Lara
Bed: handcrafted in Berlin by Di-Lara
Lights: Aqua Gallery
Lights: John Lewis
Bed: handcrafted in Berlin by Di-Lara
Bathtub: William Holland
Bathroom Dresser: Maisons du Monde

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