The body after birth

I was not sharing any body topics on instagram since becoming a mom. Not because I do not want to but because motherhood only deepened my empathy towards all other women. And suddenly everything seems much more important. I think simply sharing bikini pictures and preaching women to drink water as a way to stay skinny is to say the least: ignorant. It is reducing women to nothingness. 

So putting my thoughts and emotions into words, took time, as I am aware that my body, by its appearance, might not seem relatable to some women. But I think that we are all much more similar than we are not. (Although some women try really hard to cover any signs of relatability).

Regardless of the age or size, one thing that inevitably is shared among all women, I think, is the wish for our bodies to be healthy and look their best. It is only normal (and healthy) to wish the best for yourself. And every woman deserves this. 

My whole life I have been taking excellent care of my body. Both financially and practically speaking, healthy food was always within the reach. Discipline that has been installed in me through ballet, and has been through a large extent, self-imposed, has significantly contributed to my body’s fitness and wellness. During pregnancy I was asked to put on some weight, and I gained little weight overall, loosing it gradually all, after I stopped breastfeeding. Now 10 months after giving birth, I am trying to go back to being important to myself.

“I am aware that my body, by its appearance, might not seem relatable to some women”

And still I struggle with putting myself first. It is so hard. With all the stressors: insane amount of work at work, at home and beyond… We keep on put ourselves last. I keep doing it. I feel guilty over leaving my baby to go work out, I feel guilty about not picking up the phone while working out, I feel guilty for not spending time doing something for someone else, I feel guilty for feeling pleasure while working out… I think, as women, we are also educated that it is “womenly” to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the family and the world in its entierity. Where clearly, the wellbeing of others should only come after our own. They tell you on the flight “ Put your mask on first, before attempting to help others”. Don’t steal time for yourself, give it to yourself, generously. Work on your body, keep it healthy, and it will keep you happy.

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