My favourite perfumes this summer

Dior gave renowned Japanese floral artist, Azuma Makoto full reign in creating eight unique floral sculptures inspiredly the olfactory signatures of La Collection Privee.

“La Collection Privee Christian Dior is an olfactory world bursting with beauty and sophistication. With this collaboration, I wanted to visualise and incarnate ‘the story’ of each of these exceptional fragrances through spectacular floral sculptures”. – Azuma Makoto, Master Florist. Out of the collection, Oud Ispahan and Ambre Nuit by Christian Dior are two of my favourite perfumes; they’re strong, sophisticated and don’t tell my husband but they’re unisex too. Delve into the decadence of Oud Ispahan, as it delicately marries its woody force with the decisive character of a Damascus Rose. Or, opt for Ambre Nuit, an  ambery floral fragrance juxtaposed by soft spicy notes.

Both perfumes play with the natural human pheromones, developing differently on each skin, with varying factors such as the warmth of one’s skin playing a part in the final scent. If you have a date on the horizon, or want to be remembered by your perfumes, these two will definitely have those you encountered captivated.

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